IMAC Product withdrawal

          In June 2013 Honeywell announced the withdrawal from sale of IMAC citing new installations will only be offered if the customer also agrees to purchase and install their alarm management product - at additional cost.

          This will leave many customers who do not need the functionality of a full alarm management solution with nowhere to turn. For many, simple printer replacement and Sequence of Events recording is all that is required.

          So here is the situation - you have an old IMAC system that was installed a number of years ago which has performed well as a printer replacement system but you are now faced with having to upgrade the hardware to a Windows 7 based OS due to failure; or you wish to purchase another IMAC system for a new part of your plant.


The Solution


          The solution is to look for a replacement product that has the same basic functionality, costs about the same, can be installed as a direct replacement - ProcessVue SOE.

          MAC Solutions have over 20 years of experience with IMAC installations; being the largest reseller of IMAC in the world. In 2010 they teamed up with the original IMAC developer and started work on a replacement package knowing that IMAC's days were numbered. ProcessVue was borne and has quickly gained recognition as being the best IMAC replacement there is.

          But ProcessVue SOE does not just stop at printer replacement. ProcessVue is modular and as such can be upgraded to give full EEMUA 191 based KPI analysis. This is offered as an additional functionality upgrade known as ProcessVue Analyser, rather than forcing it upon our customers.

The Method


          We can supply you with a new PC pre-installed with ProcessVue; if you have your old IMAC data we have tools that allow us to import this into ProcessVue reducing data loss to a bare minimum.

          We can take your old IMAC configuration files and apply them to ProcessVue. The PC we deliver is ready to plug back into the network and/or serial devices. We can even supply the same serial cards giving you complete peace of mind. The additional benefits a ProcessVue system can bring are:

Want to know more?


          Please get in touch, give us a call and we can discuss your needs and offer a solution to suit. Contact details can be found on this page.

Interfacing ProcessVue to existing IMAC systems.


          ProcessVue® can also work along side IMAC if needed. We have developed an interface to IMAC allowing ProcessVue to read the data IMAC is receiving. This alows the customer to install ProcessVue completely passively - maybe for a trial.

          Here's what existing users are saying about ProcessVue:ProcessVue can also be configured to feed IMAC with data. Using our Collector and Archiver; ProcessVue can supply any third party application with selective data. This could be IMAC, or maybe a paging system that alerts Engineers to critical alarms.

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