Designed from the ground up, the ProcessVue system provides a consistent and intuitive user interface across all modules; resulting in shallow learning curves and reduced training costs.

ProcessVue is scalable and can be deployed as a simple printer replacement or as a capable alarm management tool bringing together multiple disparate systems into one common platform. Advanced parsing rules allow even the most complex and variable data types to be formatted into single line meaningful alarm and event messages.

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Data Collector


          Collector is designed to connect to a multitude of current and legacy control systems. The Collector runs as a Microsoft Windows Service and collects data from the following input types, RS232 with specific drivers developed for Honeywell, Foxboro IA systems and the ability to create intelligent responses for time critical data handshaking. TCP/IP Ethernet, UDP, File Monitor Text and CSV, IMAC which is a direct connection and of course OPC A&E which are widely used by SCADA and DCS vendors world-wide.

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Data Archiver

           The Data Archiver is designed to connect to a Collector and parse (convert complete string into individual fields) the incoming data into record fields for writing to a SQL database. In addition to this the Archiver has a multitude of additional features designed to manipulate the parsed data and add real value to the basic alarm string.

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Data Analyser


          ProcessVue Analyser is built from two software components, Analyser Service and Web Client to enhance the Analysis and Reporting capabilities of the ProcessVue System. Analyser uses the existing ProcessVue database allowing Analyser to be added easily to an existing system. This concept allows Analyser to be either supplied initially with the installation or be added at a later stage when budgets are released. Within a few moments your data will be transformed into powerful engineering and management information.

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SOE Web Client


          ProcessVue SOE, or Sequence of Events, is a simple frontend Web client for the ProcessVue Data. SOE connects to the ProcessVue database using industry standard IIS windows component. This means that any user on the corporate network will have instant access to the Process Alarms from their desktop or mobile computer.

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